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About us

Revive Scientific specializes in refurbishing lab equipment with quality service at exceptional prices.

Since the beginning, we have operated with the customers needs in mind. Quality equipment, at a great price, with confidence of reliability. Thats why we have a warranty on all of our products and offer extended warranties up to 5 years. We know our equipment well and pride ourselves in our great service and workmanship. That is constant!

We bring the customer consistency by getting our equipment directly from the previous user, not auctions. We use a personal touch with our suppliers which allows us to know where our instruments were used and what their function was. This relationship also allows us to buy in bulk, saving money, which means we can pass that savings on to our customers.  We believe this personal touch is what makes the difference. When one company moves on with their research, we can put that equipment back to work and Revive its potential.

Revive Scientific also has a well trained service and repair staff who fully tests and verifies every item we sell. That's why every item comes with a certificate of inspection and verification. In addition to refurbishing our items, we also can repair any item you may own, with a warranty to back it up. Our policy is that we won't charge you for our services if we can't fix it. That is confidence in our consistency!

We strive to have a small footprint on the planet. That's why we never throw items into the landfill. If an instrument is no longer relevant or requires costly fixes, which would deem it unusable, we still believe the components inside have a purpose. We Revive their potential by disassembling them, selling the working components, and recycling the rest.