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Huber Unistat 140 Cooling Heating Circulator -40 +200C

Huber Unistat 140 Cooling Heating Circulator -40 +200C

$8,995.00 $9,495.00

This Huber Unistat dynamic temperature control system has been refurbished, fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  

90 Day Warranty!

Refurbishment: Cleaned Condenser Fins, Cleaned Fan Blades, Fully Cleaned Inside & Out, Serviced Pipe Insulation, Flushed Pump and Decontaminated Inside & Out

Includes: Huber Unitstat 140 Circulator, Inlet/Outlet Fittings & Power Cord


Temperature Range: -20°C ...+200°C

Pump Max: 100 l/min, 1.5 bar

Cooling Power: 2.0kW @ 200°C, 2.0kW @ 100°C, 2.5kW @ 0°C, 1.8kW @ -20°C, 0.2kW @ -40°C

Heating: 2.0 kW

Minimum Filling Capacity: 3.6L

Resolution of Display: 0.1

Over-temperature and Low Level Protection: Yes

Weight: 155kg

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 460 x 550 x 1336 mm,  18 x 22 x 53 inches

Electrical: 208v 3P, Plug L1530P


The Unistat range is designed to give the operator extremely tight control over the temperature of a process regardless of the varying thermal loads generated by chemical reactions.

The low internal volume ensures that the cooling and heating power generated by the machine controls the temperature of the process ... not a large reservoir of fluid. This allows rapid changes in temperature and tight control over the flow of thermal energy.

The hydraulically sealed fluid system means no oil vapours or oil cracking at high temperatures and no moisture ab- sorption at low temperatures. You can expect far longer life times and extended temperature ranges from your expensive thermal fluid with a Unistat.

However, the true engineering triumph is in the simplicity of the design. In a standard Unistat ... from the smallest to the largest ... there is only one electro-mechanical valve. The rest is simply physics and the laws of physics do not break.


- Hydraulically sealed thermal fluid system

- Low internal volume

- Process control via external Pt100

- Ramp function

- Internal programmer

- Comprehensive fault diagnostics

- Continual self-test

- RS232, RS485 and analogue interface

- Potential free and programmable NO/NC contacts (Potential free con- tacts)

- Multifunctional programmable alarms

- Robust stainless steel construction

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