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Tecan Automated Liquid Dispenser ALD 3

Tecan Automated Liquid Dispenser ALD 3

$3,995.00 $4,495.00

This Tecan Automated Liquid Dispenser has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in excellent working condition.

Includes 60 Day Warranty

Model: EUA Speware Cerex ALD III 96

Manufactured: 2018


- Tecan Automated Liquid Dispenser ALD III 96 

- Bottle Staircase

- Aluminum Holder & Block

- Power Cord, Regulator & Hose

- Everything else shown!

Automated Liquid Dispenser: Accurate delivery of protocol solvents using tested, industry-standard hardware; 11 solvents standard, with expansion options for Automated Liquid Dispensing.

Pressure Processing: Use of positive tase pressure for SPE gives maximum reproducibility and uniformity of processing across columns and plate wells.

Heated Column Drying: Rapid columns drying facilitates use of immiscible solvent combinations for selectivity in extortion protocols.

Maximum Flow Control: Programmable pressure profiles allow for optimized flows, reducing processing time and enhancing chromatographic performance.

Simple to Operate: Intuitive, logical touchscreen controls for immediate productivity and integration into standard laboratory operations.

Cost Effective: Automated SPE extortion for auto-sampler prices.


Product ID # 2470

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