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SP Scientific Genevac Rocket Evaporator

SP Scientific Genevac Rocket Evaporator


This SP Scientific Genevac Rocket Evaporator has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  

90 Day Warranty!

Includes: SP Scientific Genevac Rocket Evaporator (RKCM-12060-SNW), 10x Glass Sample Holders, Julabo FL601 Chiller w/ Lines, 2x Sample Holder Racks, RS232 Data Cable & Power Cords


Max Speed 1800 Rpm
Max G force 700g
Drive system Direct Drive
Max sample load 6 x 450 ml/ 5 liters
Max imbalance 40g
Pressure display 3 -1000 mbar
Pressure control automatic/ 3mbar to atmosphere
System ultimate vacuum 3mbar
End of Method Timed or Automatic
Process Visualization Strobe or Delta T
Acceptable Solvent Groups Very Low BP, Low BP and Low BP mixtures, Medium BP and Med/Low BP mixture, Aqueous, HPLC Fractions, DCM mixtures
Dimensions 44x25x25”
Weight 165 lbs
Power 120V, 60 Hz, 1620 va



The GeneVac Rocket Evaporator offers your lab high-speed evaporation of large quantities of solvent in a set-and-go package. This fully-automated Thermo rocket evaporator monitors and controls the whole process from temperature to duration to prevent bumping and foaming, as well as stopping at the right time. This Genevac Rocket Evaporator is 5 times faster than conventional evaporators, featuring low-pressure steam heat transfer that heats samples indirectly, as well as an auto-draining condenser. The ability to process large quantities unsupervised allows users to focus on their other tasks. This genvevac rocket model is a RKCM-12060-SNW a chemi model for solvents with up to medium boiling points, features a strobe, is not fitted for an inert gas purge, but is fitted for a water valve.

The GeneVac Rocket Evaporator features easy-to-use menu-based controls and is set up with preprogrammed methods and icon-based setups. If a user wants to view the progress of their samples in this speedvac a real-time strobe viewing window lets them check on the status. While in operation, statuses are shown on the control screen, showing users the current water temperature, chamber vaccum, condenser supply temperature, delta T, what stage the process is in, method program name, which direction the rotor is spinning, and a graph of the delta T over time. Data is also logged during a run, holding up to 4 run logs files at a time, or users can export them via USB.

The GeneVac Rocket High-Speed Evaporator can dry or concentrate up to 6 450ml flasks, the rotor is also removable and can be replaced with one designed for 18 ASE vials, or a stainless steel vessel for batch processing. (sold separately) This concentrator can process sample volumes from 50ml to 5 liters at once with perfect reproducible results, be it concentrating or drying.  One Rocket Evaporator can replace several rotary evaporators. This speedvac concentrator is also environmentally friendly, with advanced methodology and cold traps that recover high percentages of solvents. When in motion the centrifugal force and the vacuum create a pressure gradient and samples boil from the top down preventing bumping or cross-contamination.

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