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Hamilton MicroLab STARLet Automated Liquid Handler

Hamilton MicroLab STARLet Automated Liquid Handler


This Hamilton Microlab STARlet has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  Fully Operational and Ready Upon Arrival. 60 Day Warranty!

Includes: Hamilton Microlab STARlet Liquid Handler, 96 Well Head Arm, Span-8 Head, 2x Hamilton Tip Carriers 480-A00, 4x Tube Carriers SMP_Car_24_A00, 1x APE Carrier, Waste Chute, HP Pro 6300 Computer w/ Windows 10 Pro, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Data Cable, Power Cables & Everything else shown. 

We have many extra carriers. Please inquire if you need different and/or more carriers. 


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