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Gilson Pipetmax 268 Automated Pipetting System

Gilson Pipetmax 268 Automated Pipetting System


This Gilson Pipetmax 268 has been Refurbished, Fully Tested, Inspected and Verified to be in Great Working Condition.

90 Day Warranty!

Includes: Gilson Pipetmax 268, Computer w/ Trilution micro 3.0 Software, Dell Laptop w/ Windows 10, 2x Max 4x1200 Pipette Head 50-1200µl, Power Supplies, Data Cable, Alignment Head, Waste Tray and Everything Else Shown.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 54.4cm x 65.5cm x 53.1cm
Voltage 100 - 240V AC
Communication USB
Connections 3 USB host ports, 1 USB device port, Contact closure, TTL, 2 relay outputs, 1 switched +12V DC 1A output
Dimensions 54.4cm x 65.5cm x 53.1cm
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Environment Indoor use, Altitude up to 2000 m, temperature 5C to 40 C, Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31 C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40 C
Includes Standard Cover
Material Polypropylene



Consistency, Accuracy, Reproducibility

PIPETMAX, built upon PIPETMAN® technology, helps to reduce costly technical replicates and helps maximize reproducibility by eliminating inconsistencies due to common pipetting errors. The automated system frees up time devoted to tedious pipetting jobs that improve lab productivity and lets you get to results faster.

A Versatile Open System

The hardware and software of PIPETMAX are customizable to fit the specific needs of the assay, allowing you to configure and customize runs to any reagent, kit, or protocol. With intelligent tip management, our pipette heads allow up to 8 tips to be used simultaneously

With a volume range from 1 µL to 1200 µL, PIPETMAX is an ideal solution for:

  • qPCR

  • NGS reactions

  • cell-based assays

Several pre-developed, validated protocols are available for download while custom protocols can be written to accommodate any workflow.


The small footprint lets it easily fit on a lab bench or under a fume hood. At a weight just under 40 pounds, it’s easy to move to the location most suited for the assays at hand.

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