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Fisher Isotemp Ultra Low Chest Freezer -80

Fisher Isotemp Ultra Low Chest Freezer -80


This Fisher Isotemp Ultra Low Chest Freezer -80 (120 Volt) has been fully cleaned, decontaminated, tested, refurbished and verified to be in great working condition. Fans have 

90 Day Warranty!

Refurbishment: Cleaned fans, cleaned exchanger fins, replaced any aged line insulation & new battery

Ultra low chest freezers are ideal as they have large capacity and the temperature doesn't fluctuate a lot after opening like upright units. The cold air sinks and does not rise out of the chamber. 

Includes: Fisher Isotemp Ultra Low Chest Freezer, Power Cord & Foam Insert Covers

We have racks. Please inquire for more information!

Model: I917CA

Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C

Capacity: 17 cu. ft. (481.4L)

Electrical: 120v 16A (NEMA 5-20)

Interior Dimensions: (H x W x D) 28.0 x 58.8 x 18.5 inches (71.1 x 149.4 x 47.0 cm)

Exterior Dimensions: (H x W x D) 40.5 x 87.6 x 33.8 inches (102.9 x 222.5 x 85.9 cm)

Shipping Weight: 821lbs (372kg)


» Easy to use controls

» Standard RS-232, dry contacts and 4-20 milliamp analog output. The 4-20 milliamp output is a common analog output used toprovide temperature data to independent monitoring devices and recorders

» Highly visible display, intuitive controls and simplified programming for easy setup, programming and to check and monitor parameters and conditions

» Numerous audible/visual alarms as well as high/low alarm test, offering peace of mind monitoring for sample protection

» Easy to clean, stainless-steel interior

» Robust cabinet design constructed of high-strength steel with corrosion-resistant coating for long-life durability

» Convenient, hinged air filter grill allows for easy access for inspection, cleaning and/or changing

» 1” (25mm) diameter access port for easy access through freezer wall

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