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AT Villa Ergolab Mobile Laboratory Bench Furniture 4' 48"

AT Villa Ergolab Mobile Laboratory Bench Furniture 4' 48"


This Ergolab mobile casework has been fully tested, decontaminated and verified to be in great working condition. 

Includes: AT Villa Ergolab 4' (48") Mobile Bench, 3 Drawer Rolling Steel Cabinet, 2x Upper Shelves, Mounted Power Strip

New Price: Bench $2,480/ea & Rolling Cabinet $660/ea Total: $3,140

Work Service Material: White Trespa 

Work Service Height: (adjustable from 24" to 40" @ 1" increments)

Work Service Width: 48"

Work Service Depth: 30"

Upper Shelves Width: 48"

Upper Shelves Depth: 18"

Overall Width: 48"

Overall Height: 77"

Capacity: 2,600 lbs

Casters: Full Leveling Capability and Lowering Rubber Feet to Fix in Place


The ErgolabTM mobile benching system sets the industry standard for both performance and quality. Extruded aluminum frames feature an unsurpassed weight load capacity. The ErgolabTM system’s integrated leveling casters allow you to wheel benches into place and then level them up and off of their casters.

Adaptable benching systems result in higher productivity and longer product lifecycles. ErgolabTM benches are specifically designed to adapt to personnel and instrumentation. Single benches or entire laboratory spaces can be quickly and easily reconfigured to serve ever-changing processes.

Ergolab Mobile benches stand completely independent from building structure and are designed to wheel easily through standard sized door openings. Worktops and overhead shelving are adjustable in
1” increments. Under bench storage cabinets can be configured as caster-based for maximum adaptability or as suspended units for workstations on the go.

Units have been disassembled for efficient transport. Instructions to reassemble are included.

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