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Analytik Jena Biometra TAdvanced Dual 48 Well Thermal Cycler

Analytik Jena Biometra TAdvanced Dual 48 Well Thermal Cycler


This Analytik Jena Biometra TAdvanced thermal cycler has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  90 Day Warranty!

Includes: Biometra 846-070-280 Thermal Cycler Base, Biometra 846-2-070-202 Dual 48 Well Gradient (on one half) Block Module & Power Cord

Only one half is set up for gradient mode currently.


  • Integrated 7in touchscreen control
  • Whisper Quiet: Low noise emission of max. 45 dB
  • High Performance Smart Lid: Defined pressure control for highly reproducible results
  • Linear Gradient Tool: For easy gradient programming using the primer annealing temperature
  • Optimized to have high heating/cooling rates without under or overshooting the programmed target temperature

The Biometra TAdvanced controls the sample block temperature without under- or overshooting the programmed target temperature. The ingenious temperature control system incorporated into our RAC (Ramping – Accuracy – Control) technology maximizes experimental reproducibility and achieves outstanding temperature control accuracy. The sample block is also perfectly sealed to prevent condensation from coming into contact with either the Peltier elements located below the sample block or with other electronic components. The seal protects the Peltier elements and extends the lifetime of the instrument.

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