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V&P Scientific VP700 Programmable Smart Switch with Software

V&P Scientific VP700 Programmable Smart Switch with Software


This V&P Scientific VP700 smart switch is in great working condition. Comes with a 30 Day Warranty!

Includes: VP700 (with attached RS232 cable), Software and Manual.


-Computer controlled; On/Off for non-programmable accessories
-Timer function with infinite loop or cycle capability for walk away applications
-Robotic platform integration to synchronize lab accessories with specific robotic steps

-Windows Compatible
-Controlled easily through a RS-232C port

The new V&P Scientific Programmable Smart Switch (VP 700 series) is designed to give your lab accessories more functionality. By simply plugging the power cord into a Smart Switch outlet you can control up to 3 electric components (one 15 amp circuit and two 2 amp circuits). Robots can also interface with our Programmable Smart Switch to control robotic accessories integrated into their platform. The V&P software provided with the Smart Switch is programmable for up to 10,000 separate timing intervals. This also includes a loop function that allows an infinite number of cycles.

The Programmable Smart Switch can be operated in the following modes:

Sequence Timer Mode
Create a sequence of up to 10,000 different timers per outlet. The computer can automatically control the power outlets with either a set number of cycles or an infinite run of the sequence.
Scheduled Timer Mode
Turn a power outlet on at a scheduled time.

Direct Mode
Direct control each of the 3 power outlets separately through an RS 232 port. Allowing for switching on and off at anytime.

Robot Mode
Direct integration into robotic platforms allows automated control of accessories such as: Tumble Stirrers, Bubble Paddle Reservoir Stirrers, Peristaltic pumps, Heating Blocks and Sonicators for specific steps in the robot protocol. All you need to do is write a simple driver program for your robot that will send a simple ASCII string to the VP 700 to turn on or off each of the three power outlets at designated sequences of the robot script or program.


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