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Buchi Evaporating Flask 20 Liter 150mm Flange

Buchi Evaporating Flask 20 Liter 150mm Flange


This Buchi 20L Evaporating / Boiling Flask has been fully tested & verified to be in great working condition.  Tested with a Buchi R250 that was already sold. These were extras that were not needed. We have two of these. One has a small budge on the bottom from manufacturing and doesn't affect operation (pic 3). We will sell this unit second.

Includes: Buchi 20L D150 Evaporating Flask

Order no: 041432

About: Evaporating flask 20 liter for a sample volume of max. 10 liter. Long neck to suit to the 50 L Rotavapor Flange size 150 mm. Made of Borosilicate glass 3.3

Outside Opening Flange: 150mm

Inside Opening Flange: 120mm


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