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Waters Micromass ZQ Mass Spectrometer

Waters Micromass ZQ Mass Spectrometer


This Waters Micromass ZQ is being sold for parts as we no longer have the computer and data cables. Our client kept the computer per company policy. We do not have the right version of masslynx with license. We decided used the Edwards 28 for another system. It was working prior to deinstallation but we haven't tested it at our facility. Sold as is. 

ESCI Enabled

Includes: Waters Micromass ZQ, Power cord, Source and everything else shown.

With its fast scanning and multi-function acquisition capabilities, the ZQ Mass Detector can perform up to 32 MS experiments in a single chromatographic run. You can cycle through any combination of full-scan, single-ion recording (SIR), positive ion, negative ion and variable cone voltage functions all in one injection. With a Waters Micromass ESCiTM Multi-Mode Ionization Source, you can even cycle through multiple ionization modes during a single analysis. These flexible data acquisition options allow the ZQ Mass Detector to adapt to a variety of applications.

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