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SP Scientific Genesis Pilot Freeze Dryer 25L Genesis SQ Super ES-55 Lyophilizer

SP Scientific Genesis Pilot Freeze Dryer 25L Genesis SQ Super ES-55 Lyophilizer


This SP Scientific Genesis SQ Super ES-55 has been fully cleaned, decontaminated, tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  

60 Day Warranty!


- SP Scientific 25L Genesis SQ Super ES-55 Lyophilizer

     - Stoppering : 5 Shelves with shelve inserts and trays

- Leybold Trivac D8B Vacuum Pump

- Power Cord

- Warranty

Specifications are in 

The SP VirTis Genesis Pilot Freeze Dryer brings you both the same outstanding build quality that SP is renowned for, and also modern functionality. With a full-color touchscreen display and ethernet compatibility, the Genesis Pilot is ready to enhance your production with streamlined workflows and optimized lyophilization.

  • Convenient - compact, free-standing mobile design means the Genesis Pilot Freeze Dryer slots easily into place - wherever that may be
  • Flexible - an extensive choice of powerful options and add-ons enables easy scale-up from research to full scale production

Sp Scientific Genesis 25L SQ Super ES-55 pilot lyophilizer has five top-down hydraulic stoppering trays that can be used to lyophilize and stopper multiple vials under vacuum or freeze dry batch samples for bulk processing. This is a freestanding and mobile model with no hard installation required that allows for easy start-up and scale up from research to full production. 

The SP Scientific 25L pilot freeze dryer is constructed with 316L stainless steel shelves, product and condenser chambers.

Vacuum: A rotary vane vacuum pump is included with this unit.

Electrical : 208/240V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase, 30 amp.

Overall dimensions : 40”W x 30”D x 73.5”H with minimum operating clearance requirements of 10” on all sides

Product ID # 2405

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