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Titertek  M384 Atlas Microplate Washer w/ Stacker

Titertek M384 Atlas Microplate Washer w/ Stacker


This itertek M384 Atlas Microplate Washer has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  

90 Day Warranty!

Includes: Titertek M384 Atlas Microplate Washer, Stacker, Vacuum Pump, Waste Container, Hoses, Power Cords and Everything Else Shown

Almost Completely Identical to Biotek 405 Microplate washer.

The M384 Atlas combines a wide range of wash functions with a simple interface to the Titan microplate stacker. The Titertek M384 Atlas performs plate washing for both 96 and 384 well plates. Operator control of aspiration intensity and positioning, as well as buffer dispense speed makes the M384 Atlas an ideal unit for cell washing. Single axis plate shuttle of the Titan Stacker provides the highest throughput.

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