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Thermo Scientific Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer


This Thermo Delta V Plus was removed from a working environment and shown to be working prior to de-installation. Due to the specific role of this unit in a larger system, we have separated the unit to sell on its own.

The DELTA V Plus is the highest performance DELTA ever. It's recognized as the top-of-the line Isotope Ratio MS. The ion optics have been refined, resulting in the highest possible ion transmission. This leads to a sensitivity of 800 molecules per CO2 ion in the Dual Inlet mode and, more importantly, 1100 molecules per ion in the Continuous Flow mode, which is the preferred operating condition for all continuous flow applications. The DELTA V Plus can accommodate up to 10 collectors, ensuring flexibility to cover all isotope ratio MS applications in the mass range up to m/z 96. Its versatility puts virtually no instrumental limit to your research.

The DELTA V isotope ratio mass spectrometer is characterized by combining highest sensitivity with excellent linearity and stability.

Features of the new DELTA V generation

Sensitivity - The most sensitive DELTA Isotope Ratio MS ever

Versatility - Up to 10 detectors - Widest range of collector configurations - Larger mass range - On-line H2 capability - Upgrade from the DELTA V Advantage to the DELTA V Plus

Robustness and reliability - Monolithic analyzer with intrinsic alignment of all ion optical components - Integrated signal amplifiers and digitizers - All ion optics in place: no alignments during installation or maintenance - Optimized pumping strategy - Comprehensive set of automated diagnostics

Compact and user-friendly design - Small footprint - Space for on-line peripheral on top - Dual inlet, µ-Volume and Multiport inside - Activation of continuous flow interfaces on front panel - All pumps inside - Low noise design

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