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Thermo Neslab RTE-10 Circulating Chiller Heater

Thermo Neslab RTE-10 Circulating Chiller Heater


This Thermo Neslab recirculating heater / chiller has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in excellent working condition. Includes a 60 Day Warranty at asking price!

Temp Range: -25°C to +150°C

Temperature Stability: ±0.01°C

Bath Volume: 10L (2.6 gallon)

  • Powerful force and suction pumps to circulate long distances or to open or closed containers
  • Seamless stainless steel tanks for excellent fluid compatibility and easy cleaning 
  • Low reservoir fluid level shut-off safety
  • User enabled full range cooling. Compressor can be operated over entire temperature range!
  • UL Listed to UL-3101-1, CSA 1010.1, CE Marked
  • Environmentally friendly R134a CFC free refrigerant
  • Tool-less removal of front grille for easy condenser cleaning
  • Reservoir drain for quick and tidy fluid changes
  • Bright LED digital display
  • User selectable resolution 0.1°C
  • User adjustable low temperature and high temperature alarm limits
  • User selectable fault conditions

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