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Tecan Ultra Evolution Microplate Reader

Tecan Ultra Evolution Microplate Reader


This Tecan Ultra Evolution has been tested and inspected to the best of our ability. According to our client and our in house testing, everything appears to be working properly. We do not have the software and our client kept the computer. Due to this, and our inability to fully test, it is being sold as is.

Tecan Ultra Microplate Reader, is a multi-functional microplate and a great addition to any lab. This system boast computer controlled Fluorescence, Fluorescence Intensity, FRET, TRF, FP, Luminescence and Absorbance instrument for measuring samples in a microplate. This instrument can perform numerous fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance applications in research and routine investigations. The ULTRA lets you choose between several fluorescence techniques as well as absorbance and luminescence modes, without having to change the optical system.

Specifications include:

  • Fully modular system
  • Top and bottom Fluorescence Intensity capabilities FI
  • Excitation-, Emission-, Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer FRET
  • Adjustable bandwidth
  • Fluorescence Time Resolved TRF
  • Fluorescence Polarization FP
  • Multichannel Absorbance
  • Multichannel Luminescence Glow Type
  • 6-1536-well plate capability
  • Fast wavelength scanning capabilities
  • High sensitivity for short measurement times

Product ID # 2004

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