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Tecan Infinite 200 Pro M Nano + Microplate Reader

Tecan Infinite 200 Pro M Nano + Microplate Reader


This dual mode Tecan Infinite M Nano + Multiplate Reader is Brand New in Original Packaging. Only Opened For Pictures

Warranty: 120 Days

Model: Tecan Infinite M Nano + Multiplate Reader

REF: 30050303

Reading Modes:

  • Absorbance - Monochromator
  • Fluorescence - Monochromator
  • Fluorescence - Top reading
  • Fluorescence - Bottom Reading

Includes: Tecan Infinite M Nano + Multiplate Reader, Data Cable, Power Cord, i-Control Software & Shipping Crate


Dual-mode plate reader with monochromator-based optics for absorbance and sensitive fluorescence (top and bottom reading) applications. Your adjustable tool, even for low concentration nucleic acid and protein quantification.

The Infinite M Nano+ has an excitation monochromator optimized for wavelength accuracy and precision, ensuring excellent performance for every absorbance and fluorescence assay.

Engineered for absorbance and fluorescence measurements, the system’s highly sensitive Quad4 Monochromators™ minimize stray light, delivering exceptional flexibility with sensitivity levels close to comparatively priced filter-based instruments.

This system is the perfect solution for nucleic acid quantification, especially if A260 measurements are not sensitive enough. With DNA concentrations of <1 ng/µl, accurate quantification requires a fluorescent dye, such as Quant-iT™ PicoGreen® (Thermo Fisher). The design of the instrument’s top reading fluorescence optics allow it to measure fluorescently-labeled nucleic acids in both microplates and Tecan’s low volume NanoQuant Plate™ – offering virtually the same capabilities as a NanoDrop® and a Qubit™ in one device, while still supporting microplate formats and being fully upgradeable.

Key applications

  • Absorbance-based DNA/RNA quantification and purity checks
  • Fluorescence-based DNA/RNA quantification (PicoGreen, RiboGreen®)
  • Absorbance-based protein quantification (BCA, Bradford, Lowry, etc.)
  • Fluorescence-based protein quantification (eg. NanoOrange®)
  • Absorbance- and fluorescence-based ELISAs
  • 600 nm growth curves (bacteria, yeast)
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Compound characterization


Detection Modes
Absorbance, Fluorescence
Broad range of applications
Monochromators for both read-modes
Configuration Type
Ready To Use (Laptop not included)
Application Examples
DNA Protein Quantification, PicoGreen® assay, NuQuant method for library quantification, and many more
Wavelength Range
Absorbance: 230 nm - 1000 nm, FI Excitation: 230 nm - 850 nm, FI Emission: 280 nm - 850 nm
Filter Wavelength
Wavelength scanning, 1 nm increments
Plate Format
6 to 384-well plates
Reader Control Software Included
Data Analysis Software Included

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