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Beckman Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer

Beckman Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer


This Olympus AU640e Chemistry Analyzer has been tested and inspected to the best of our ability. According to our client it was working properly when it was shut down while preparing for a move but ended up not having room in the new facility. We tested the computer and the arms which appear to be working properly. However, we do not usually work with chem analyzers so we aren't familiar with all the tests to insure it's working 100%. Due to this, we are selling this AS-IS.

Includes: Olympus AU460e, Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Manuals, Validation History, Data Cables, Power Cords & Everything Else Shown!

 From Manufacture:

Olympus AU series, developed by Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc, is designed to fit the needs of hospitals, core and commercial laboratories. This equipment is well suited for use in single or multiple locations.

The AU series applies the standardization design, which helps to increase productivity and decrease operating costs, and deliver fast, reliable results.

The standardized design is incorporated in all the AU-Series product line of chemistry immuno systems, which include AU400 (800 tests per hour), AU640 (1,200 tests per hour), AU2700 (2,166 tests per hour), or AU5400 (6,600 tests per hour). No matter what type of AU-series of chemistry immuno systems is used as primary analyzer or a specialty unit in laboratories, it helps to produce the same reliable results and reference ranges and provides efficient inventory management.

Olympus AU series chemistry analyzer offers a broad test menu including those of homogeneous immunoassays for protein analytes, such as apolipoproteins, immunoglobulin, comple-ment components, and so on.

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