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Biotek Take3 Microvolume Plate

Biotek Take3 Microvolume Plate


This Biotek Take3 Microvolume Plate has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  90 Day Warranty!

Includes: Biotek Take3 Microvolume Plate, Protective Case & User Guide


2 µL sample capacity 16
Cuvette capacity 1
BioCell capacity 2
Optical path length 0.5 mm (nominal)
Detection limit 2 ng/µL dsDNA

The BioTek Take3 is a specialized microvolume plate designed for microvolume quantification of absorbance detection and fluorescence quantitations. This specialty Biotek microplate allows users to measure multiple 2 uL without the need for dilution or specialized equipment. The plate holds up to 16 samples and can be used with most BioTek multi-mode readers, microplate spectrophotometers, and imaging multi-mode readers.

The Take3 Biotek plate is easy to clean, with a simple wipe samples come off. This Micro-Volume Plate can also accept standard 1cm cuvette or 2 BioCells for rapid 1cm measurements. The optical path of this plate reader is 0.5 mm and has a detection limit of 2ng/uL dsDNA, and with Gen5’s pre-programmed nucleic acid and protein protocols, quantifications are fast and easy. The Take3 BioTek is used with Cytation 5, Synergy Neo2, Epoch 2, Cytation Multi-Mode, Epoch, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, and Synergy LX.

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