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Applied Biosystems MagMAX Express 96

Applied Biosystems MagMAX Express 96


This Applied Biosystems MagMAX Express 96 has been refurbished, fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition. 

Warranty: 90 Days

Includes: Applied Biosystems MagMAX Express 96, Cover, Power Cord, Digital User Manual & Everything Show


The ABI MagMax Express 96 is a Magnetic Particle Processor with a reliable, speedy, and cost-efficient instrument for magnetic-bead-based extraction of nucleic acids. Developed to extract both genomic and viral nucleic acid from virtually any sample, this DNA extraction system handles your throughput needs automatically without a computer, freeing up researchers to complete other tasks. Utilizes 96 permanent rods with independent movement control, the Magmax collects and deposits beads from a solution into plates with reagents, prepping them for the next steps of isolation giving you superior washing, elution efficiency, and swift processing over other methods.

The magnetic rods of this DNA separator are covered with disposable tip combs, and function without the use of aspiration or dispensing parts or devices, eliminating cross-contamination and carryover. During incubation and washing, this purification system also shakes the samples enabling a quicker reaction, and a more efficient wash. Protocols for the ABI MagMax are accessible via an easy-to-navigate touchscreen and onboard software or maybe controlled when attached to a PC using KingFisher PC Software.

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