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AB Sciex API 3200 Triple Quad LC/MS Mass Spectrometer

AB Sciex API 3200 Triple Quad LC/MS Mass Spectrometer


This ABI Sciex 3200 Mass Spec has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition. 

60 Day Warranty!


- AB Sciex 3200 Triple Quad Mass Spec

- Sciex 1034049 F Source 

- Agilent HS 602 Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump w/ Mist Trap, Hoses & Power Cord

- Dell Optiplex Computer Running Windows 7 Pro, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse. Installed Software: Analyst 1.6.3, MultiQuant 3.0.2 (new license needed), StatusScope, Reporter 3.2, Administrator Console

- Peak Scientific ABN2ZA Nitrogen Generator (Optional: can be removed -$5,000)

- AB Sciex Line Adjustment Transformer

- National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS Acquisition Card

- Power Cords & Everything Else Shown!

We also have Shimadzu Prominence HPLC components. Contact us for details!


The API 3200 LC/MS/MS System is a fully-integrated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer built using premier technology that combines sensitivity and selectivity with ruggedness and reliability, all in an affordable, compact package. 
- Innovative Turbo V™ Ion Source efficiently ionizes compounds over a wide range of flow rates, virtually eliminating cross-contamination, even with large sample loads 

- Patented LINAC® Collision Cell technology delivers superior MS/MS performance allowing faster scan times without compromising sensitivity or mass spectral quality 

- Simplifies cross-platform methods transfer 

- Gives meaningful results from every experiment

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