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VisionScope Arthroscopic Camera

VisionScope Arthroscopic Camera


This VisionScope is NEW with original packing. The box was only opened to inspect and take pictures. We have boxes of consumables. Please inquire.

Includes 90 Day Warranty!

Miniaturized without compromise. State-of-the-art video hardware, micro-optics and advanced computational software are uniquely integrated to put arthroscopic imaging in the palm of surgeons’ hands – right in the office exam room. Intuitive to use, VisionScope® Technologies’s 1.4mm-diameter endoscopic system produces high-definition, diagnostic-quality images, bringing joint condition and pathology to life in real time.

It’s a small scope that makes a big impact on patient care.

VSI is an in-office diagnostic exam that allows for high-definition, direct visualization of inside your joint and immediate insight into the root cause of your discomfort. A VSI exam takes about 10 minutes, uses a tiny needle camera scope (smaller in diameter than a bicycle spoke) and requires only local anesthesia. So, in a matter of minutes you can have the same view as we do and participate in the diagnostic and treatment plan discussion.

Revolutionary technology brings change and choice. Until now, MRI has been the go-to non-surgical diagnostic tool to help inform a diagnosis. However, MRI can be expensive and inconclusive – unable to pinpoint the source and/or severity of discomfort. And in cases where MRI is not an option (pacemaker, implants, claustrophobia, obesity), surgical diagnostic arthroscopy has been the only definitive option. With VSI – we now have a choice: a non-surgical diagnostic tool that accurate, effective and fits easily into our patients’ busy schedules and lifestyles.

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