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Fisher Healthcare Horizon 642E Centrifuge

Fisher Healthcare Horizon 642E Centrifuge


This Fisher 642E Centrifuge has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in excellent working condition. Includes a 60 Day Warranty at asking price!

Includes: 642E Centrifuge, 6 Buckets, Rotor & Power Cord.

New Price: $1,700

  • Horizontal six-place rotor centrifuge, with electronic timer preset to 10 minutes.
  • For test tubes up to 10 mL.
  • Push-button operation/safety lid-lock.
  • Automatic Lid Lock – Centrifuge will not run with the lid open and the lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning.
  • Positive Lid Latching – Firm mechanical latching of the lid prevents the escape of debris.
  • Clear Shatter Proof Lid – Allows for safe sample observation and optical calibrations.
  • Reinforced Guard Bowl – Provides maximum safety and durability.
  • Brushless AC motor for smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance.
  • Small footprint — compact design uses approximately 1 sq. ft. of counter space.
  • Rotors: 3380 rpm/1600xG, Horizontal

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