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Haskel AW-60 Air Driven Liquid Pump

Haskel AW-60 Air Driven Liquid Pump


This Haskel AW-60 air driven liquid pump has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  

60 Day Warranty!


Haskel AW-60 pneumatic driven pump offers many advantages over electrically driven pumps. Pneumatic pump operation is safe with no heat, flame or risk of spark. Suitable for most liquids and liquefied gases, Haskel AW-60 pump is capable of producing pressures up to 9800 PSI (676 bar). The robust, reliable, compact and easy to maintain design is proven to hold pre-determined pressure without consuming power. With no need for air line lubrication, this pump saves costs and prevents contamination.

Tech Specifications

Horsepower 1.5
Max Air Drive 150
Nominal Ratio 60
Actual Ratio 69
Max Continuous Pressure (PSI) 9800
Max Intermitten Pressure (PSI) 9800
Max CPM 80
Displacement (cu-in) 0.67
Inlet Port 1/2" NPT
Outlet Port 1/2" NPT

Product ID # 2390

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