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Shimadzu SIL-20A Prominence Autosampler

Shimadzu SIL-20A Prominence Autosampler


This Shimadzu SIL-20A Autosampler has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition.  60 Day Warranty!

Refurbishment: Completely decontaminated inside/out, fans cleans, boards cleaned, lines flushed, panels cleaned, threaded rods cleaned/lubricated and display cleaned inside/out.

Includes: Shimadzu SIL-20A Autosampler, 105 x 1.4mL Vial Tray, Power Cord & Everything Else Shown!

About: A total-volume injection type autosampler, the SIL-20A enables high-speed injection and high-throughput sample processing without wasting sample. It is designed to ensure greater stability, with improved durability attained through modifications in valves and sample loops. Multiple vial and plate types are supported, and a control vial rack isolates standards from analytical samples.


Injection Method - Total-volume sample injection, variable injection volume

Number of Processed Samples - 105 (1.5mL vials) Tray Included. Other Trays compatible with the SIL-20A - 175 (1mL vials), 5 (4mL vials), two 96-   wellMTPs, two 384-well MTPs, with ten 1.5mL vials addition in a separate tray

Injection-Volume Accuracy - 1% Max

Injection-Volume Precision - RSD: 0.3% max. 

Cross Contamination - 0.005% max. (naphthalene, chlorhexidine)

Number of Repeated Injections - 30 max. per sample

Needle Rinsing - Set freely before and after sample injection.

Operating Temperature Range - 4°C to 35°C

Dimensions - 260 (W) x 415 (H) x 500 (D) mm

Weight - 27kg

Power Requirements - 120/240 VAC 50/60Hz

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