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YMC DAU-300-700 Dynamic Axial Compression Column HPLC

YMC DAU-300-700 Dynamic Axial Compression Column HPLC


This YMA DAU Series DAU-300-700 has been tested, inspected and verified to be in good working condition. 

Product NumberDAU-300-700

Inner Diameter: 300 mm

Packed Bed Length: 100 - 400 mm

Maximum Pressure10 MPa 

Compression: Constant pressurization

Temperature: 10 - 40 deg C

Installation Height: Over 3.5 m

Dimensions: 1000(W) × 1050(D) × 2300(H) mm

Weight: About 750 kg

Utility Maximum: 0.5 MPa dry air

Max Packing Material: 17 kg


About: Model DAU-300 is an automatic packing column developed for high-pressure preparation. Constant pressurization of the packed bed enables self-packing of a high-durability column without creating voids. The slurry port enables operation by the closed system from supplying of gel to pressurized packing with ease. Higher sealing performance is achieved by a uniquely developed sealing structure (Japanese Patent No. 3929407). It can be used in a packing cycle for long periods. This column is entirely free from electric parts and therefore, safety use in explosion-proof area is possible. The column, manufactured in Japan, corresponds to IQ/OQ validation. We ensure a thorough support system for the maintenance and supply of consumables. It is possible to select from various packing materials depending on the preparative object. Preparation and purification will be realized to your satisfaction together with a group of products designed exclusively by YMC. Recommended packing material: Silica-based packing material (spherical/irregular) 15 μm and larger Resistance to solvent: Ordinary solvents used in reverse phase and normal phase HPLC Product number Inner diameter Packed bed length Maximum pressure Compression Temperature Installation height Dimensions Weight Utility Maximum Packing material Main Characteristics DAU-300-700


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