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Eppendorf 5702R Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ Rotor

Eppendorf 5702R Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ Rotor


This Eppendorf 5702R Refrigerated Centrifuge has been refurbished, fully tested, inspected, calibrated and verified to be in excellent working condition. 

Warranty: 90 Days

Includes: Eppendorf 5702R Centrifuge, A-4-38 Rotor & Buckets w/ Lids, 4x 4-10mL Adapters, 4x 50mL Conical Tube Adapters, Power Cord, User Manual, 60 Day Warranty

5702R Centrifuge: Ambient to -9°C, 4,400 RPM w/ Swing Rotor (3,000 x g RCF), 1-99 min timer + Continuous

A-4-38 Rotor & Buckets: Includes (4) x 7ml Vacutainer Adapters. This rotor features a maximum speed of 4,400 RPM and a maximum RCF of 3,000 x g. 

From Manufacturer: The Eppendorf 5702R Refrigerated Centrifuge is a low-speed, general purpose centrifuge designed to meet low-to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture lab needs. With its compact design, quiet operation, and six different rotor options, the 5702R is ideal for many labs. The centrifuge’s SOFT brake function allows slow acceleration and braking for optimal cell separation by gradient centrifugation. The Eppendorf 5702R features a FastTemp function for fast pre-cooling and an “At set RPM” function for reproducible centrifugation runs. Safety features include imbalance detection, key lock to prevent parameter changes, aerosol-tight caps, and ECO shut-off.

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