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Thermo Finnigan MAT 252 Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Finnigan MAT 252 Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer


This Thermo Finnigan MAT 252 was removed from a working environment and shown to be working prior to de-installation. Due to the specific role of this unit in a larger system, we have separated the unit. Thus, we cannot guarantee that other parts will not be needed to make it operational based on your specific setup. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

The Thermo Finnigan MAT252 stable isotope mass spectrometer system is the world standard for the determination of H/D, 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 18O/16O, 34S/32S (from SO2 to SF6) as well as Kr and Xe isotope ratios. The design philosophy of the MAT 252 was "no compromises," with the aim of delivering ultimate performance.

The MAT252 is unique in its capability to achieve the highest precision from extremely small amounts of sample. It has an unmatched record for long term stability and performance. The MAT252 and its predecessor the MAT 251, are installed in more than 250 of the top isotope laboratories around the world.


  • Mass range : 1 - 150 dalton at 10 kV
  • Resolution : CNOS: m/delta m = 200 (10 % valley), H/D : m/delta m = 25 (10 % valley)
  • Peak Top Flatness : Better than 2 x 10e-4
  • Sensitivity (absolute) : 1000 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector (1000 colecules/ion)
  • Abundance Sensitivity : The contribution of the mass 44 intensity to the intensity of mass 45 is less than 2 x 10e-6
  • Sample Consumption (typical) : 0.1 nmol/s for 3 V signal (= 10e-8 A) at mass 44 (10e-2 mol/As)
  • Ion Source Linearity : 0.02 ‰/nA ion current (mass 44) at a sensitivity corresponding to 1500 molecules/ion
  • H3+ Factor : Smaller than 10 ppm/nA

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