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Olympus BX61 Fluorescence Microscope

Olympus BX61 Fluorescence Microscope


This Olympus BX 61  has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition. 

60 Day Warranty at asking price!

Reflected Light Illuminator: BX-RFAA (reflected light housing)

Motorized Fluorescence Reflected Light Illuminator (no cubes included)


PlanApo 1,25x/0,04

UMPlanFl 5x / 0.15

UPlanFl 10x / 0.30

UplanFl 20x / 0.50

UPlanFl 40x / 0.75

Controller: BX-UCB (control BX61)

Light Sources:

1. EXFO X-Cite 120 : Fluorescence Illumination System (supply, light guide, adapter) 

2. Olympus U-LH100-3 : Fluorescence Light Source (Mercury light source)

Stage: Manual U-SVRB-4

Condenser: UCD8A Motorized Universal Condenser

Condenser Adapter: UTLD 0.2-0.9, working distance = 1.5mm

Hand Switch: U-HSTR2 (Control Box Hand Switch)

Controls: Shutter, Brightfield, Aperture, Top Lens, Darkfield, Turret = + & - ,   Mirror +& -, Objectives (1-7)


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