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Steris Reliance 444  Washer Disinfector

Steris Reliance 444 Washer Disinfector


This Steris 444 single Chamber Washer Disinfector was deinstalled in good working condition. 

Model: 444

Exterior Dimensions: 42 x 32 5/8 x 80 inches

Chamber Capacity: 24 x 24 x 26 inches

Door: Single Door

Load Height: 31" inches above finished floor

Electrical: 480v 3p 26.5A

Steam: Heating Unit Installed (built in)

Year of Manufacture: 2006

Operating Weight: 1,200 lbs

Shipping Weight: 1,075 lbs


The Steris Reliance® 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with an Eagle® 3000 Stage 3™ control system. It meets the highest standards of cleaning performance and maximum throughput. The Reliance® 444 is a washer that adapts to a wide variety of loads and operations, and will process more than the capacity of an ordinary washer its size.

• Vertical sliding door maximizes floor space. Power door opens and closes at the touch of a button.
• Automatic detergent injection assures that the right amount of detergent is dispensed into the water.
• Tinted, tempered glass door lets you verify cleaning action while providing excellent insulation. An interior light gives a clear view of load contents and washing activity.
• Choice of gentle of aggressive mechanical action. The dual speed pump lets you control water pressure and solution coverage.
• Rotary arms located at top and bottom of each level provide maximum solution coverage with bi- directional spray pattern designed to increase the cleaning capacity.
• Exhaust system assures that vapor is removed from the wash chamber between cycles for improved temperature control and faster load drying.

The Reliance 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector meets the applica- ble requirements of the following stan- dards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Stan- dard 61010A-1

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 1010.1

  • International Standard IEC 61010-1 and 61326-1


Product ID # 2002

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