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Pressure Bioscience Barocycler NEP3229 PCT Sample Preparation

Pressure Bioscience Barocycler NEP3229 PCT Sample Preparation


This Pressure Bioscience Source Scientific Barocycler NEP3229 has been tested, inspected and verified to be in good working condition. Includes a 60 Day Warranty at asking price!

The Barocycler NEP3229 has a large sample chamber that can accommodate up to 48 MicroTubes or 3 PULSE tubes at a time. The Barocycler NEP3229 is a 2-unit system with a bench-top module containing the sample chamber and user interface, and an under-the-bench hydraulic pressure generating unit (no air compressor is required). The bench-top unit has external chiller hook-ups, automatic fill and dispense valves, and an integrated micro-processor with an easy-to-use keypad. The unit can generate a maximum pressure of 35,000psi (240MPa).

Maximum Pressure:  44 kpsi, 300 MPa

Working Pressure Range: 5 to 35 kpsi

Minimum Pressure: 1 kpsi

Recommended Pressure Range: 10 to 35 kpsi

Ramp Time (up): ~3 kpsi/sec

Ramp Time (down) Power Requirement: < 0.3 sec

Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 20 Amps, 60 Hz

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