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Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC

Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC


This Thermo Finnigan Surveryor was in working condition until the computer crashed. We tried to reinstall the software on another computer but have had trouble and don't have the time to troubleshoot further.  Due to this, we are selling for PARTS / AS-IS with no returns. If you would like the computer, we can include it. 

Note: The pictures are from before when it was still setup and being used. This computer pictured is the one that crashed.


- Autosampler Plus

- UV-Vis Plus Detector

- LC Pump Plus

- Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

- All Power and Data Cables


Autosampler Plus: The Thermo Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler Plus, P/N SRVYR-ASP, is specifically designed to maximize throughput, the Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler Plus has a novel sampling arm design minimizing excess movement, maximizing the number of injections in a given time. Injection cycles less than 30 seconds can be achieved using the Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler Plus. The Finnigan Surveyor Autosampler Plus heat exchanger equilibrates the mobile phase prior to sample introduction.

UV-Vis Plus Detector: The Surveyor UV/Vis Plus Detector is a full-featured, time-programmable, variable-wavelength UV/Vis (ultraviolet/visible) absorbance detector. It operates in either the single or dual wavelength mode in the UV or visible ranges. The UV/Vis detector is a benchtop unit for inclusion into the Surveyor Plus LC System. You control the detector remotely over an Ethernet communications link from a Thermo Scientific data system computer.

LC Pump Plus: 

Minimum Flow Rate: 0.2 uL/min isocratic, 25 uL/min gradient

Maximum Flow Rate: 2000 uL/min

Flow Rate Resolution: 0.1 uL/min

Pressure Range: 0 to 400 bar (0 to 5800 psi)

Operating Range: 40 to 400 bar (588 to 5800 psi)

Pressure Resolution: 0.01 bar (0.15 psi)

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