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Elga Centra R 200 Integrated Reverse Osmosis System

Elga Centra R 200 Integrated Reverse Osmosis System


This Elga Centra R200 is in great condition and comes with everything shown. Pre filters may need to be replaced based on your specific needs. Includes a 60 Day Warranty at asking price!


The CENTRA has revolutionised the way that large volumes of pure water are produced, stored and distributed. Instead of a central lab system, comprising of an untidy grouping of components and pipework, you can now have just one integrated system box. The CENTRA R-200 is a complete water purification, storage, control and distribution systems featuring a 200 liter per hour reverse osmosis module and 0.2 μm filter.

Typical Flowrate: Up to 4.75 US gallons (18 liters) per minute

Reservoir Capacity: 92 US gallons (350 liters)

Includes: Recirculation Pump, Reverse Osmosis, UV Photo-oxidation, 0.2 μm Filter, Deionization.

Inorganic's: Up to 18.2 MΩ.cm

Organics (TOC): <10 ppb

Bacteria: <5 CFU/ml

Particles: 0.2 μm filtration

Daily Usage (Max): Up to 6000 l/day

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