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Welch Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System 2025

Welch Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System 2025


This Welch dry vacuum pump has been fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition. 

Includes a 60 Day Warranty!

Tested to below 9 torr

Includes Welch 2025 & Power Cord

  • Automatic Self-cleaning purge maintains efficiency, extends diaphragm life
  • Free air displacement: 35 L/min (1.2 CFM)
  • Incremental ballast switch enables fast response to bumping / foaming

Complete oil-free dry vacuum systems for rotary evaporators and concentrators. Corrosion-resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump systems enable superior control and efficiency for each evaporation. Provides controlled solvent stripping in flasks up to 5 L. Use 9 torr Model 2025 for solvents with atmospheric B.P. <120o C. Includes analog gauge and vacuum regulation. Inlet and exhaust separators protect pump and lab atmosphere.


Model Number 2025
Applications Concentrator - Gel Dryer Combination, Rotary Evaporator, and other
Type Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
Free air displacement: 35 L/min (1.2 CFM) 1.2(34)
Ultimate Pressure, torr 9
Max Pressure PSIG (pascal) 29.5
Adjustable Vac. / Gas Ballast 1/5
Tubing Needed Yes
Intake Thread NPT 1/4
ISO Exhaust / Intake Flange 3/8
Overall Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 13.6 x 12 x 11.3 (34.5 x 30.5 x 28.7)
Ship Weight (lbs/kg) 30 (16.4)
Intake Catch Jar Yes
Exhaust Catch Jar Yes

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