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Shimadzu GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph

Shimadzu GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph


This Shimadzu GC-2010 GC has been tested and inspected to the best of our ability without the MS and computer. Everything appears to be working properly. We tested the oven heater, column heater, flow valves and touchscreen and all work properly. However, due to our inability to verify this 100%, it is being sold as-is.

We installed a new screen, removed all panels to deep cleaned and decontaminated inside and out.

Dimensions (mm): 280(W) × 280 (H) × 175 (D)

Volume (L): 13

Range of Temperature: Room temperature +4°C to 450°C (-50°C to 450°C when liquid carbon dioxide gas is used).

Accuracy of Temperature: ±1% (K) (Calibrated at 0.01°C)

Deviation of Temperature: Within 2°C (on a 200mm diameter column holder)

Stability of temperature: Within ±0.05°C

Temperature coefficient: 0.01°C/°C

Range of linear temperature increase: 120VAC

40°C/min up to 200°C

15°C/min up to 350°C

7°C/min up to 450°C

Cooling Speed: Approximately 6 minutes cooling from 450°C to 50°C.


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