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Beckman Coulter Optima L-80XP Ultracentrifuge

Beckman Coulter Optima L-80XP Ultracentrifuge


This Beckman Optima L-80XP has been refurbished, fully tested, inspected and verified to be in great working condition. 

* 60 Day Warranty *

Includes: Beckman Coulter Optima L-80XP Ultracentrifuge, 4x Stabilizing Feet, 2x 1L Vacuum Pump Oil, 1x 250mL Diffusion Pump Oil, Power Cord (NEMA 6-30P), Rotor Key & User Manual

Refurbishing: Fully decontaminated the exterior and interior of the unit, replaced the vacuum pump oil, clean the condenser fins, cleaned boards/fans & cleaned and re-lubricated the door cover seal.

Notes: A rotor is not included because every lab has different needs. The rotor shown (50 ti) was used to show the centrifuge working during pictures. Prior to de-installing the unit from our clients' lab, we used their rotor to verify and test it to 80,000 rpm. They wanted to keep the rotor and the shown 50 TI is the highest rpm rotor, for this class of centrifuge, that that we currently have in stock. If you would like the rotor, please contact us.


Speed: Max 80,000 RPM @ 100 RPM increments

Time: 0- 999 Hours 59 Minutes; Hold for continuous runs

Vacuum:  <12 microns 

Temperature: 0° to 40°C in 1°C increments. ±0.3°C of set temperature, actual rotor temperature in 0.1°C increments, Ambient 10 to 40°C

Acceleration: 10 acceleration profiles -  9 slow rates or maximum acceleration from 0 to set speed 

Deceleration: 11 deceleration profiles - 9 slow rates, coasting to a stop without brake or full dynamic braking from set speed

Weight: 1,025 lb (465 kg)

Electrical Requirements: 200/240-v 18--264 VAC, 30A, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 50 (WxDxH) inches

Compatible Rotors: The last picture in the description also has all of the compatible rotors. VTi 90, VTi 80, VTi 65.2, VTi 65.1, VTi 65, VTi 50, VC 53, VAC 50, Type 100Ti, Type 90Ti, Type 80Ti, Type 75Ti, Type 70.1Ti, Type 70Ti, Type 65, Type 60Ti, Type 55.2Ti, Type 50, Type 50.4Ti, Type 50.3Ti, Type 50.2Ti, Type 50Ti, Type 45Ti, Type 42.2Ti, Type 41.1, TYpe 40, Type 35, Type 28, Type 25, Type 21, Type 19, Type 16, SQ 65Ti, SW 60 Ti, SW 55Ti, SW 50.1, SW 41Ti, SW 40Ti, SW32.1, SW 32, SW 30.1, SW 28.1, SW 28, SW 25.1, NV T100, NVT 90, NVT 65.2, NVT 65.2, NVT 65

From Manufacturer:*

The Beckman Optima™ L-80 XP Ultracentrifuge is designed to speed up the discovery process in research involving proteomics, cytomics, or genomics. Dubbed as “the most intelligent ultracentrifuge ever” by Beckman Coulter, the unit is equipped with the most advanced and innovative ultracentrifuge components available.       
Featuring a superior on-board computer, high-performance Optima eXPert software, and an easy-to-use touch screen, the L-80 XP offers state-of-the-art functionality, heightened user efficiency, and the fastest turnaround rates. This Beckman centrifuges enhances centrifugation knowledge by assisting the user in selecting the rotor and labware for a specific application, and in developing the most efficient centrifugation methods.       
The Beckman L-80 XP uses the most sophisticated technology and materials to perform at a speed of up to 80 ,000 rpm. It employs an air-cooled system to ensure energy efficiency, and an imbalance-tolerant Optima L-XP drive for safe accommodation and handling of tubes that are filled at 10% under or over.       
Other useful features of the Beckman Optima™ L-80 XP centrifuge include a konical™ seal for the high pellet concentration, OptiSeal™ for easy sealing, g-Max™ for the greatest volume efficiency, and Quick-Seal® for biocontainment.

* Description is from when initially released

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